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Batting Partnerships

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1122 Jodie Priestley - Keiryn Lenoy Mulgrave Combined CACFN Ladies 20/207 1 Mareeba Cricket Chicks
2176 Sandeep Gautam - Bhupinder Singh Mulgrave Combined CAT20 A Comp2 1 Rovers
3117 Justin Reid - Barry Weare Mulgrave Combined CA1st Grade 40 Over & 50 Over Competition3 1 Norths Lords Insurance
4133 Keiryn Lenoy - Danaya Cahill Mulgrave Combined CACFN Ladies 20/2012 1 Mareeba Cricket Chicks
584 Gavin Rodman - John Stampa Mulgrave Combined CA2nd Grade 40 Over Competition5 1 Atherton (G)
695 Paul Tetley - Luke Circus Mulgrave Combined CA3rd Grade Blue 35 Over Competition5 1 Atherton
755 Adam Catalano - Thomas Fricker Mulgrave Combined CA3rd Grade Blue 35 Over Competition7 1 Barron LJ Hooker
825 Jaya Curmi - Ruben de Lange Mulgrave Combined CAJimmy Maher Cup Blue - Preseason Comp3 1 Rovers
938 Brayden James Douglas - Daniel Circus Mulgrave Combined CAJames Cook University Jimmy Maher Cup Gold T20GF 1 Atherton
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